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How to work with me

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it"
~ Albert Einstein

Ways to work with me:


1:1 Coaching

After personalised results?

Work with me one to one!

You'll get clarity, guidance and your next right steps with Oracle Card Coaching or if you're short on time why not order a personalized Oracle Card Reading delivered via video message direct to your phone or inbox?

You can view your message and reflection questions in your own time when you find a quiet moment to yourself. 


Free Resources

Prefer to dip your toe in and experience my world of all things intuition first?

Join my Free Facebook Community Awaken Your Intuition.  I share strategies on how to develop awareness of your inner power, confidence and more! 


Get access to your Free Connect to Your Intuition guided meditation. My gift to you!

Personalized Coaching

Oracle Card Coaching

Oracle Card Coaching connects you to the deepest parts of yourself. It’s the bridge between your logical brain and your higher self.

It is a simple and effective way to get you clear answers and show you the way forward with your next steps. How does it work? We use Oracle Cards as a tool to guide the coaching space.

We create a sacred space and call in our spirit guides to assist in connecting you to your higher self! I then use my guided intuition to choose cards from an Oracle Card Deck, answering questions from your soul. We then take the time to discuss each message of the card. I also use coaching methods to help you take inspired action and gain insights towards your situation.

Click the button below to book your Oracle Card Coaching session to get you clarity, guidance and your next right steps. Invest in yourself for £111.

Oracle Card Reading

An Oracle Card Reading is perfect if you're short on time. Your reading is delivered via video message direct to your phone or inbox. 


It's as simple as filling in a survey, telling me a little about your situation, the question you need guidance on and voila! Your personalised video reading will be with you within 5 days.

Your video reading will be between 5 and 10 minutes. You'll also receive intuitive insights and self-reflection questions to help you heal, lead you to those breakthrough 'ah ha' moments, or inspire actionable steps towards your situation.


The best part? You can view your message and reflection questions in your own time when you find a quiet moment to yourself.

If this is calling your name, book your reading by clicking the button below. Invest in yourself for £33.

"Oracle Card Coaching is like having a session with your higher self! 
The cards accurately help to connect to your highest self, 
showing you the way forward."
~ Sarah T.

Free Resources

Exclusive Facebook Community

Awaken Your Intuition is a private Facebook group so you're not alone on your intuition journey. 

Inside this group you will find a space for encouragement and inspiration. I also share my strategies on how to:

  • Connect to your intuition

  • Breakthrough negative thinking and bust through fear

  • Develop awareness of your own inner power and confidence

  • Create spiritual practices to nourish the soul

Join the group by clicking the button below. 

Guided Meditation 

The key to getting everything you want out of life lies with your intuition.


It's the magical ingredient and the difference between the hard road - life full of worry, indecision, fear, second guessing, feeling lost, stuck... or the high road - a life full of bliss, happiness, trust, joy, confidence, excitement, ease, and clarity! 

To help you tap into your intuition I have created something very special for you! A guided meditation to help you connect to your intuition.


It's completely FREE! My gift to you! Click the button below to get access to it. 

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