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What does your soul want you to know?

"Oracle Card Coaching is like having a session with your higher self! 
The cards accurately help to connect to your highest self, 
showing you the way forward."
~ Sarah T.

Have difficulty making decisions?

Constantly, overthinking and second guessing yourself?

Are you wishing someone would just come along and tell you what the next right step is?!

If you're nodding along already, I want you to know it's not your fault and you're definitely not alone!


Your inner voice (you know, that wise voice that supposed to help you make decisions?!) gets drowned out by the louder voices of fear and external factors. It's a combination of our brain's natural setting in wanting to keep us safe, alive and in our comfort zone as well as society and external expectations on what we think "should" make us happy... go to school, get a good job, don't stand out, play small, and live a quiet, unremarkable life. And who wants that?!?


The good news is that you haven't lost your connection to your inner wisdom or intuition - it's still inside you waiting to be awakened!


Deep down you know that the key to getting everything you want out of life lies within you.


The power within you is the magical ingredient and the difference between the hard road - life full of worry, indecision, fear, second guessing, feeling lost, stuck... or the high road - a life full of bliss, happiness, trust, joy, confidence, excitement, ease, and clarity!


Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

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Like you, I was searching for answers, clarity and guidance.


Although I would get some answers in my own coaching sessions - from life, to business and even love coaching! -  I still found myself being drawn to my Oracle Cards to gain further insights and clarity.  


It always amazed me how accurate the Oracle Cards were and gave me the exact direction and guidance I needed to take my next steps.


At the end of the day the destination or goal you are working towards is a series of steps. You don’t need to know the how or focus on all the steps required to get there… you just need to know what the next right step is.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

This is what I love about Oracle Card Coaching! It truly connects you to the deepest parts of yourself. It’s the bridge between your logical brain (you know the thing that keeps telling you to play it safe and what you "should do") and your higher self - that "can't explain it" feeling that comes from divine guidance, leading you to your next right steps

The cards can also provide answers you didn’t even realize you were seeking!!! Oracle Cards have an uncanny way of telling you exactly what you need to hear, even for things that are deep in your sub-conscious programming that you weren’t even aware of until a card pops out.

Oracle Card Coaching is a simple and effective way to get you clear answers and show you the way forward with your next steps.

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"I just love how the cards are always exactly what you need,
the synchronicity of it all is amazing!"

~ Cindy W.

Why Oracle Card Coaching?

I bet you already have a card deck or two lying around the house so you may be wondering, why Oracle Card Coaching?


Why can't I use Oracle Cards on my own to help guide me?


And that's a great question! However, you've been doing it on your own thus far - so I'd gently ask, how's that working out for you? Are you getting the answers and clarity you need?


Albert Einstein sums it up pretty well with this quote "no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." which means you need a different level of consciousness to guide you.


Sometimes you're too deep into the situation or issue and in the consciousness of the logical brain that you can't see through the fog of fear, doubt and negativity.


Oracle Card Coaching helps you to connect to your higher level of consciousness and then I use coaching methods to guide you through the message to help you gain insights, clarity and uncover the inspired actions you need to take to move you forward. 

"It was a lovely supportive experience working with Natasha.
This was unlike any coaching I’ve had in the past and I really resonated with it because of my love for Oracle cards and because the messages were so clear. I loved how she steered the conversation to be as supportive and action orientated as possible"

~ Sarah T.

What does an Oracle Card Coaching session involve?

Coaching on its own is incredibly powerful however Oracle Card Coaching takes it to the next level! Oracle Cards are used as a tool to guide and support the coaching space.

First, we get centred and create a sacred space to call in our spirit guides to assist in connecting you to your higher self. Then using my guided intuition, we choose cards from an Oracle Card Deck, answering questions from your soul. We then take the time to explore the meaning, symbolism and message associated with the chosen cards in relation to your life. I also use coaching methods to help you gain insights leading you to those breakthrough 'ah ha' moments and identify actionable steps towards your situation. 


You’ll come away from the session with clear answers and your next right steps to move you forward!

Get clarity, guidance and answers for only £249

"My ah ha moment from my session is that it's given me the confidence to start an offering I had been shying away from, something I was afraid of doing because of fear of disappointing people.
I hadn’t made this link before;
I was just hesitant and now I understand why."

~Sarah T.

Is it for me?

Do you:

  • need clarity and guidance on creating your dream life?

  •  feel stuck and are unsure how to move forward?

  • want to awaken your inner power and internal guiding system?

  • want to reveal what your next inspired actions should be?

If you want any (or all) of the above, then Oracle Card Coaching is for you! 

Get clarity, guidance and answers for only £249

A note from Natasha...

Your intuition is connected to your higher self who knows exactly what steps you need to take to be happier and set your soul on fire!


I often think of intuition as the blueprint to your soul's purpose.

When you take inspired actions based on your intuition, you'll be living a life aligned with your purpose! Which means a life filled with feelings of fulfilment, love and happiness! (and who doesn't want that?!)

And guess what helps you connect to your intuition and your higher self?

That's right! Oracle Card Coaching!

If you want to know what your next steps should be and what your higher self would do, then book a time that works best for you.

I look forward to helping you gain guidance and clarity on whatever your soul is calling you to do!

Speak soon!

Natasha xo

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