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That thing we call intuition? 
It's your soul.
You can trust it!

I was fortunate enough to be raised in a household that had foundations in positive psychology from the time I could walk. My parents were part of network marketing business and our book shelves were constantly filled with the great authors of this genre including Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”, Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and Dale Carnegie “How to Win Friends and Influence People.

A pivotal point for me was when I was 17 years old. I had what I like to call my fifth-life crisis. I was having an existential crisis and I was struggling with the age old questions “why are we here?”, “what’s the meaning of life?”. I made my way to our family bookshelf and was drawn to a copy of “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins. I locked myself in my room and read the book cover to cover. Upon finishing the book I had my “ah ha” moment and realised the power of the mind. What you focus on becomes your reality. Looking back now I realised I made the conscious decision to be happy. This created the foundation for my default setting to be happy and build my positive mindset. My journey and love of positive psychology continued and my passion for self-development came to the forefront. Through my own rigorous path of self-improvement, I have learnt various tools and techniques which has allowed me to train my mind to choose to be happy. I discovered the power of the mind. We have control over our thoughts allowing us to choose how we react and ultimately how we feel.

Another aspect to this which I realised with hindsight was not only the power of the mind but another magical ingredient to leading a happy life… your intuition!!!

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More on intuition to come but back to my path of self-improvement and personal development. I have spent the past decade in the property industry in consulting and valuations. While I enjoyed my work, in 2018, I was experiencing an unsettled or niggling feeling that I was ready for something more. A desire or knowing that I was destined for something greater. I felt a calling in my soul, a soft gentle nudge from my intuition. I was out one evening with a friend and we found ourselves discussing the topic – “if you didn’t have to work for money, what would you do?” My answer was (and had been for the past few years) – “I’d be a life coach and motivational speaker”. My friend looked at me and casually said… “you do know there’s nothing stopping you right? That’s like, an achievable goal in this lifetime?!” [cue silence, followed by a bulb lighting up. Mind = blown!!]. My internal dialogue was “huh, she’s absolutely right! I could do that”. It was a simple yet powerful question that sparked not only a mindset shift to realise it was possible but a stirring in my soul, an awakening of my intuition. I had never actually stopped to think it was a possibility.


We get so caught up in life and the path we have dedicated ourselves to for so long that we don’t stop to reassess if it’s the right path anymore.

The answer to that one question, was the catalyst for me adjusting the direction of my journey and carving my path as a coach. What did I do to become a coach?! I followed my intuition. I followed the gentle nudges of my soul and kept taking actions from that aligned place. I like to think of it as co-creating with the universe. Once you make a firm decision and say “yes, this is what I want”, the universe lines up the opportunities for you. The tricky part is are you open to your intuition and able to see these opportunities?


Are you following the whispers of your soul to your highest path?

My coaching path started with a Facebook ad which was advertising a free 2-day life coaching course. I saw that ad, felt the nudge, and signed up. At that 2-day course I felt in every fibre of my being that this was the path for me. There were a number of steps and actions I took from there, but I was tuned into my intuition… it was a series of taking the next right step that felt aligned with my soul. I’d ask myself, what do I need to do now? Get a business coach to help me start up my business… great what’s the next step? Set up website, do an NLP certification, start coaching people, etc. etc.


At each step along the way I was trusting what my intuition was telling me. Were there voices of doubt on the path? Absolutely! It brought up a lot of fears. “Can I do this? Am I good enough? Who am I to coach people?”. Fear/ego is something we all have to battle and my years of investing in my personal growth and self-development provided me the foundation and the tools to break through these fears and overcome any obstacles in my way. But more than that, I was able to move through the fear with ease because I was tuned into my intuition and what my soul’s desire was.

When you're connected to your intuition you have this steady guiding force that will help you to move through any obstacles or fears in your path.


The more you tap into it and use the voice of your intuition the louder and stronger it becomes.

Your intuition is connected to your higher self who knows exactly what steps you need to take to be happier and set your soul on fire. Intuition is the blueprint to your soul's purpose.

When you take inspired action based on your intuition, you'll be living a life aligned with your purpose! Which means a life filled with feelings of fulfilment, love and happiness!

In conclusion... follow your intuition and be happy!

Where did my intuition lead me? Right here, to crafting these words that you’re reading now.


I’m here to help guide you to your own intuition. 

I wholeheartedly know that you’re in the right place, right now, being guided by your own intuition.

It’s my own soul’s purpose to help you get there.

When you're ready click the button below and get you the guidance and clarity you've been searching for. 

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