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Happy Clients

Natasha provides a safe space to work on any topic. She somehow knows how to get to the bottom of issues. She has an amazing insightful approach - sometimes holistic, and other times practical - and she intuitively illuminates the core issue that we need to explore further. Another fascinating method she frequently uses is with her powerful sets of questions, guiding me to find answers deep within myself. This was very helpful as it gives me confidence to resolve my own issues in the future. I had so many light bulb moments! I learned so much about myself and my habitual thought processes which were not serving me, and with that understanding, I was able to let them go easily.

I got truly magical results in such a short space of time. I cannot recommend Natasha highly enough to anyone who wants to improve their lives, achieve their goals and become more fulfilled.

~ Yukako

I met Natasha at a time where I became aware that big changes were going to be needed for me to get more out of life. I'm happy to say her life coaching has been a great help! 


I experience problems of inner confidence and anxiety which have held me back in achieving fulfilment in my career and friend/ family relationships.  In our sessions we were able to work together on getting a fresh and more positive perspective on challenges and work on practical tips to get me through my days. The approach never felt prescriptive but instead I would be very gently guided to my own solutions. I experienced a number of important realizations that I may not have come to had it not been for the sessions. 


Natasha has an empathetic and friendly nature which really helps to put you at ease in discussing problems that can often be hard to communicate to people you know. I highly recommend her services. 

~ Niraj

I met Natasha at a very poignant time in my life. After having a child, and two round the world house moves, I was a bit lost about who I was and what I was doing with my life. I knew I needed to do something different to help me out of this situation.


Natasha has really helped me to focus on a few issues that were really bothering me and gave me some useful and handy life hacks to help deal with the issues.  She has been kind and nurturing, allowing me to speak when necessary and offering advice and coaching at the right moment, helping me to identify the answers to my issues within myself. She offered some interesting insights, things I didn’t know about how the mind works, and how I can help to beat the negative thoughts and downward spiral that has plagued me in recent times. I always leave the sessions very uplifted and positive about a way forward.


I would have no hesitation in recommending her if there are issues you are struggling with and need some external help.

~ Rachel

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