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"Oracle Cards connect you to the deepest parts of yourself. It's the bridge between your logical brain and divine guidance."

If you've landed on this page, you might be wondering...

which Oracle Card Deck should I pick for my personalised reading?

If you’re new to Oracle Cards, choosing the right deck for your reading can sometimes be overwhelming.


It might bring up thoughts like:

“What if I pick the wrong one?”

“Ahhh there’s too many options…”

“How do I know what is the right one for me?”


If this sounds like your current thoughts - don’t worry! I got you!


You’ll be pleased to know that there is absolutely no way for you to pick the wrong deck.

Whatever you choose will be the right Oracle Deck to deliver the guidance and message your soul wants to tell you.


Take a deep breath, read the descriptions below and pick the Deck that jumps out at you. The one that gets you excited and calls to your inner being.


Kind of like choosing a meal in a restaurant. You peruse the menu and then whatever dish gets you most excited about eating… pick that!

So, stress less, and have fun with this!


And if you still have no idea what to choose, then select the option in the form for me to choose the card deck on your behalf.

Massive love,

Natasha xoxo

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The Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

Rose Oracle Deck.jpg

Rebecca created this oracle to support you in connecting to the ancient wisdom of this sacred, healing, mystical plant.


Unlock the sacred mysteries of the rose.

A breathtakingly beautiful invitation to reconnect with the Goddess and celebrate the sacred mysteries of the rose, nature and the feminine. This Oracle creates space for you to connect with Her energy wisdom, and breath taking beauty. May Her healing mysteries call you home to your true nature.

The Divine Feminine.

Rose Oracle Cards.jpg

Star Temple Oracle by Suzy Cherub

Star temple deck.jpg

Embody your sacred feminine powers and receive interstellar guidance.

The ancient wisdom of the Pleiades is weaved together with present-day mysticism to bring you uplifting and relevant insight. 

Star Temple Oracle was created to support your learning, creativity, awareness, and growth. Connect with the eternal knowing of the stars and let your intuition flow.

Star temple cards.jpg

The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell

Starseed oracle.jpg

Have you always had a longing for home without really knowing what that meant?


If so, you could be a Starseed Soul.

Starseeds are souls that first incarnated somewhere beyond this planet - many have a sort of 'knowing' from a young age.


This activating oracle will help you to unlock your soul gifts, connect with your cosmic origins, and remember who you truly are.

Starseed oracle cards.jpg

Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland

Moonology deck.jpg

Work with the moon's power to gain clarity on your life, make informed decisions, and bring positive change where it is most needed!

The energy of the Moon has a formidable effect on our everyday lives. These Oracle cards help you to tap into Her ancient wisdom for healing, guidance and protection.

The cards in the deck provide answers to questions about life. Each card will show you how the energy of moon phases relate to an area of life, including life goals, communication, relationships, new beginnings, health, love, work, dreams, healing, success, family, home, money, travel, and friends. 

Moonology cards.jpg
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