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Connection. Clarity. Calling

Imagine being able to navigate your life with complete trust in yourself and the decisions you make without second guessing yourself!

It all starts with awakening your intuition!

Intuitive coaching for women who want to make changes in their life. To quiet the voices of fear, self-doubt, negativity and other people's expectations.

How would it feel to have complete trust in yourself?

To overcome self-doubt and make decisions with certainty?

To be true to your authentic self and align with your soul's purpose?


Click the button below to download your Connect to Your Intuition guided meditation today!


Do you want to:

  • Stop second guessing your decisions?

  • Trust yourself fully?

  • Gain unshakable confidence?

  • Feel happier and more joyful in everyday life?

  • Have clarity and directions?

  • Find your purpose or calling in life?

  • Be your own guide?

  • Uncover your authentic self?



Inside this group you will find a space for encouragement and inspiration. I also share my strategies on how to:

  1. Connect to your intuition

  2. Breakthrough negative thinking and bust through fear

  3. Develop awareness of your own inner power and confidence

  4. Create spiritual practices to nourish the soul


A bit about me...

Hi, I'm Natasha!

Intuitive coach, NLP Practioner, certified confidence coach, graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass, eternal optimist, avid traveller and lover of food! Oh and puppies! 


I'm originally from Australia before making the bold decision to move across the world to London which has been home since 2014. I know what you're thinking - why did I move away from the sun?!?


I find London to be a vibrant city where there is always something going on. It's a gateway to Europe where I can indulge in my passion for travel!


I've been coaching women on their mindset and intuition since 2018. I'm passionate about helping you harness your intuitive powers so you know exactly what steps you need to take to be happier, set your soul on fire and create a life you love! 

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